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Programming with C Courseware

The Courseware Shop offers Programming with C courseware, as follows:

Programming with C Introduction: Three Day Course

Our Programming with C courseware is designed for training delegates at the beginner level, who wants to develop programming with C language. Delegates should have an understanding of basic Programming Concepts or experience in another computer programming language or  general programming techniques


  • Understanding C Structure, Uses, Steps for writting C programming.
  • Get to know about Data types, Constants and Variables.
  • Understanding Statements, Expressions and Operator.
  • Usage of all types of Control statements.
  • Understanding the concepts of array, Single-dimentional array and Multi-dimentional array.
  • Learn about data input and output: getchar, putchar, gets, puts, scanf, printf.
  • Understanding functions, Structures and Union indepth.
  • Know about opening, closing and using a file.

Courseware Content

1. Introduction to C programming
C Compiler or C Interpreter
Structure of a C program
Header files
Uses of C
Steps for C Development Cycle
First C Program
Exercise 1:1: Simple C program

2. Elements of C language
C Character Set
Identifiers and Keywords
Data Types
Exercise 2:1: Use of type int
Exercise 2:2: Use of constants
Exercise 2:3: Use of Character contants
Symbolic Constants
Exercise 2:4: Use of #define directive
Variable Declarations
Exercise 2:5: Use of type declaration
Library functions
Exercise 2:6: Use of Mathematical Functions: <math.h>
Exercise 2:7: Use of Mathematical Functions: <math.h>
Exercise 2:8: Use of String Functions
Exercise 2:9: Use of character class test functions
Escape sequences

3. Operators
Arithmetic Operator
Example 3:1: Use of increment operators
Exercise 3:2: Use of decrement operators
Unary operators
Relational operators
Logical Operators
Assignment Operator
Exercise 3:3: Use of assignment operator
Exercise 3:4: Use of arithmetic and assignment operator
Conditional Operator
Exercise 3:5: Use of Conditional operator
Bitwise Operators
Exercise 3:6: Use of Bitwise operator
Operator Precedence
Exercise 3:7:  Use of order of evaluation
Type Conversions
Exercise 3:8: Use type conversion
Exercise 3:9: Use of type conversion

4. Control Structures
If – else Statements
Exercise 4:1: Use of if-else
Exercise 4:2: Use of  if (expression)  statement1  else statement2
If else if else
Exercise 4:3: Use of if else if
Switch Statement
Exercise 4:4: Use of Switch statement
If  statement v/s Switch statement
While Statements
Exercise 4:5: Use of While
Do- While
Exercise 4:6: Use of do-while
Exercise 4:7: Use of do-while
For statement
Exercise 4:8: Use of for
Jump Statements
Exercise 4:9: Use of ‘continue’ statement
Return Statement
Goto statement
Exercise 4:10: Use of ‘goto’ statement

5. Arrays
Array Initialization
Single-dimensional Arrays
Exercise 5:1:Use of arrays
Exercise 5:2: Use of Array
Multidimensional Arrays
Exercise 5:3: Use of multidimentional arrays
Arrays and Strings
Exercise 5:4: Use of array and string
Exercise 5:5: Use of Array and String

6. Data Input and Output & Functions
Introduction to Data Input and Output
getchar and putchar
Exercise 6:1: Use of getchar and putchar
Exercise 6:2: Use of getchar and putchar
gets and puts
Exercise 6:3: Use of get functions
scanf and printf
Exercise 6:4: Use of scanf and printf
Function declaration
Writing a Function
Calling a function
Exercise 6:5: Use of Calling a function
Exercise 6:6: Use of Recursion
Storage class
Automatic or Local Variables
External variables or Global Variables
Exercise 6:7: Use of external variable
Static Variables
Example 6:8: Use of Static variable
Register Variables
Scope and Lifespan of Variables
Exercise 6:9: Use of scope and lifespan of variable

7. Pointers, Structures and Unions
Pointer declaration
Initializing Pointers
Pointers and Function Arguments
Exercise 7:1: Use of pointers as function parameters
Pointers to Functions
Exercise 7:2: Use of pointers to function
Pointers and Arrays
Exercise 7:3: Use of pointers and array
Exercise 7:4: Pointers in one-dimensional array
Arrays of pointers
Exercise 7:5: Illustration of pointers and Arrays
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Exercise 7:6: Use of ‘malloc’ function
Introduction to Structures
Structure initialization
User defined Data Type (typedef)
Exercise 7:7:  Use of typedef
Exercise 7:8: Use  of typedef
Introduction to Unions
Exercise 7:9: Usage of Union
Exercise 7:10: Use of union

8. Datafiles
Opening files
Closing files
Using files
Unformatted data files
Exercise 8:1: Read from file and print
C Preprocessor
Exercise 8:2: Use of #define
Exercise 8:3: Use of #define
Exercise 8:4: Use of #define isleap
Exercise 8:5: Use of enum
Exercise 8:6: Use of enum

9. Exercises and Solutions
Exercise 9:1: Use of <ctype.h>
Exercise 9:2: Use of Arthmetic operator
Exercise 9:3: Read and print from a file
Exercise 9:4: Find Prime number
Exercise 9:5: Use of get and print function
Exercise 9:6: Use of While if function
Exercise 9:7: Use of ++ and -- operators
Exercise 9:8: Use of Bitwise Operators
Exercise 9:9: Use of getch and printf
Exercise 9:10: Use of isalpha(c), isupper(c), isspace(c), isdigit(c)
Exercise 9:11: Use of Switch function
Exercise 9:12: Use of pointers
Exercise 9:13: Use of pointers to functions
Exercise 9:14: Use of Variables
Exercise 9:15: Use of pointers, arrays and functions pointers
Exercise 9:16: Use of Mathematical function
Exercise 9:17: Use of constant



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