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VB.Net Programming

Our VB.Net Programming Courseware

The Courseware Shop offers programming courseware, as follows:

VB.Net Programming Five Day Course


  • Understand the fundamental concepts of .Net Framework.
  • To learn the new Development Enviornment in Visual Studio.NET.
  • To start programming with VB.NET.
  • Understand the use of File I/O and Threading.
  • Database programming with ADO.NET.
  • Learn to use the Windows Toolbox Control and the Properties of Form Control.
  • Error Handling in VB.NET.

Aimed at

Delegates interested in moving from Visual Basic to Visual Studio .NET to develop Web Based and Windows based Applications can take up this course.

Experience Needed

Knowledge of any Object Oriented Concepts and Visual Basic programming.

Courseware Content

1.NET Framework and Visual Studio . NET

Introduction- .NET
Requirements | Components of .Net | Common language runtime | .NET Framework class library | Intermediate Language | Just In Time (JIT) Compilation | .NET Base Classes | .NET Namespaces | Structure of a .NET Application | CLR Debugger | Security | Permissions | Policy

Introduction – Visual Studio. NET
Advantages of using Visual Studio .NET | Visual Studio.NET Integrated Development Environment | Windows of VS.NET | Class View | Properties window | ToolBox | Quick info | List Members | Parameter Info | Referencing Components and controls | Referencing External Controls | Compiling Code | Output Window | Debugging Code | Command Window | Breakpoints Window | Disassembly Window | Solution Explorer | Projects | Writing Code | Intellisense | Options Window | Object Browser |

2. VB.NET Fundamentals


Visual Basic .NET versus Visual Basic

Visual Basic .NET Statements and Expressions
Assignment statement | Stacking Statements | Continuation Statements | Comment statements | Local Variables Statement | With Statement | SyncLock Statements | RaiseEvent Statement | AddHandler and RemoveHandler Statements | Strict Type Checking

Visual Basic .NET Decisions
If/Then statement | If/Then/End If | If/Then/Else/End If | ElseIf statement | Select Case | Exercise 2:1: Select Case

Visual Basic .NET Operators
Arithmetic Operators | Comparison Operators | Logical Operators | Concatenation Operators | Exercise 2:2: Operators | Exercise 2:3: Operator

Visual Basic .NET Looping
Do While/Loop structure | Do Until/Loop structure | Do/Loop While structure | Do/Loop Until structure | Exercise 2:4: Loop Structure

Visual Basic .NET Counting
For/Next loop | Exercise 2:5:Statement

3. VB.Net Programming

Visual Basic .NET Functions
String Functions | Random Number Function | Math Functions | Exercise 3:1: Functions
Shared Variable and Instance Variable | ReadOnly Variable | WithEvents Variable | Exercise 3:2: Variables
Data Types
Exercise 3:3: Data Types
Value Types and Reference Types | Primitive Types | Exercise 3:4: IsValueType | Exercise 3:5: Types
Getter Declarations | Setter Declarations | Default Properties
Attribute Classes | Attribute Blocks | Attribute Names | Attribute Arguments
Exercise 3:6:Single-dimensional array
Exercise 3:7:Delegate

4. Object-Oriented Programming

Features of Object Oriented Programming

Creating Classes | Class Base Specification | Class Members | Class Keyword | Classes and Namespaces | Creating Methods | Creating Properties | Default Property | Overloading Methods | Exercise 4:1: Class
Implementing Basic Inheritance | Preventing Inheritance | Inheritance and Scoping | Protected Methods | Overriding Methods | Virtual Methods | Me Keyword | MyBase Keyword | MyClass Keyword | Overriding the Constructor Method | MustInherit Keyword | MustOverride Keyword | Abstract Base Classes | Exercise 4:2: Inheritance | Exercise 4:3: Inheritance
Exercise 4:4: Polymorphism
Shared Events
Raising Events across Projects | Implementing the Remote Event Source | Receiving the Remote Event
Object Lifecycle
Garbage Collection

5. ADO

Working with ADO.NET
ADO.NET Object Model       
Connection Object

Exercise 5:1: Database Connection
Command Object
DataAdapter Object  
Updating a Data Source from a DataSet by Using the DataAdapter
DataReader Object

Exercise 5:2: DataReader
DataSet Object
Exercise 5:3: DataSet
DataSets and XML    
Working with DataSets
Updating Database by Using DataSets
Updating Data Source by Using the DataSet and DataAdapter

Exercise 5:4: QueryParameters
Managing Concurrency

6. Windows Applications

Windows ToolBox Controls  
Label | Button | TextBox | Checkbox | Option Button or RadioButton | Picture Box | Display Images | Data Grid | List Box | Combo Box | Tree View | List View | Horizontal and Vertical Scroll Bars | ContextMenu | ToolBars | OpenFile | Timer Control | Progress Bar | Checked List Box | Panel and Group Box Container Controls | Data Time Picker | Tray Icon Control | Error Provider Control | Exercise 6:1: Adding a Button at run time | Exercise 6:2: Font | Exercise 6:3: Menu
Multiple Document Interface
MDI Applications

Exercise 6:4: MDI Applications

7. Windows Form
Properties of the Form Control

AcceptButton, CancelButton | AutoScale | AutoScroll | BorderStyle | ControlBox | KeyPreview | MinimizeBox, MaximizeBox | MinimumSize, MaximumSize | SizeGripStyle | StartPosition | Top, Left | TopMost | Width, Height | Exercise 7:1: Scroll
Placing Controls on Forms
Handling Keystrokes | KeyPress Event
Anchoring and Docking
Exercise 7:2: Anchoring and Docking
Activate Event | Deactivate Event | Closing Event | Resize Event | Paint Event
Dialog Boxes
Displaying Dialog Boxes for Windows Forms | Predefined Dialog Boxes | Exercise 7:3: Dialog Boxes
MultipleForms Project

8. File I/O and threading

File I/O
System.IO.NameSpace | File Information | Exercise 8:1: File Information | Listing Files in a Folder | Exercise 8:2: Listing Directory | Create and Delete SubDirectories | Exercise 8:3: Creating a file | Copying the Files | Reading Text files | Exercise 8:4: Reading Text File | Writing Text files | Reading Binary files | Exercise 8:5: Reading Binary File | Writing Binary files

Thread Class | Naming Threads | Object Methods | Exercise 8:6: Threading | Exercise 8:7: Threading

9. COM

Com Interoperability   
Invoking Com Component from .Net
Designing COM Component
Providing a Type Library
Marshalling Between .Net and Com
Component Termination and Garbage Collection
Calling a Com Component

Creating the COM component | Referencing the Component
Use of Object
Using ADO from VB.NET
Using ActiveX Controls from Windows Forms
Adding a Tab to the ToolBox
Adding an ActiveX control to the ToolBox
Using the ActiveX Control
Invoking .Net Components from Com
Creating .Net Assembly for Com
Registering the Assembly
Adding a Reference to the Assembly

10. Error Handling

Exception Handling
Exception Handling Statements

Structured Exception Handling Statements | Exercise 10:1: Structured Exeception Handling | Unstructured Error Handling Statements | Resume Statement | ReDim Statement | Erase Statement | Exercise 10:2: Unstructured Statement
TypeOf Expressions
Implicit and Explicit Conversions
Throwing Exceptions
Exceptions Class
Eliminating the GoTo Using Exceptions

Exercise 10:3: Eliminating Goto through Exception
Try….Catch…Finally Structure
Catch Statement Variations
Exit Try
Finally Blocks
Catch Blocks
And Finally…Finally Blocks
Tips for Using Exceptions

11. Exercises and Solutions
Exercise 11:1:   Array
Exercise 11:2:   File Information
Exercise 11:3:   Create a file
Exercise 11:4:   Change Font
Exercise 11:5:   KeyChar Function

11. Exercises and Solutions (cont.)
Exercise 11:6:   Goto Function
Exercise 11:7:   MultiThreading
Exercise 11:8:   Text Box
Exercise 11:9:   Address Book
Exercise 11:10: DataReader

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