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Windows Vista Courseware

Our Windows Vista CoursewareWindows Vista coursware

The Courseware Shop offers Microsoft Windows Vista courseware, as follows:


Microsoft Windows Vista 2007 Level One - Introduction

Course Objectives

  • To be comfortable navigating around Windows Vista. The Windows file management system is covered along with other standard Windows applications.

Microsoft Windows Vista combines a powerful Windows Vista processing application with the user-friendly atmosphere of Windows. Training participants will learn the basics of creating, editing, and saving documents in our Fundamentals level class. They will learn to use Online Help and to modify and enhance character appearance. Participants will format text into tabular columns, create and manage tables, use error-checking tools, and control page layout with margins, indents, and page breaks


Courseware Contents


Module 1:     Windows Basics

Getting Started
Identifying Opening Screens
The Windows Vista Theme Vs Windows Classic
Switching between Windows Vista and Windows Classic.
To switch on the Windows Classic Theme.
Navigating in Windows
Moving the Mouse
Clicking the Mouse
Opening the Start Menu
The Windows Vista Start Menu Vs Windows Classic
To switch on the ‘Windows Classic’ Start Menu
Opening the Start Menu (continued)
Dragging the Mouse
Moving Icons
Right-Clicking the Mouse
Activating Shortcut Menus
Double-Clicking the Mouse
Opening Windows
Closing Windows
Shutting Down and Restarting Windows Vista
Restarting Windows Vista
Shutting Down Windows Vista

Module 2:     Using Windows VISTA

Working with Windows
Identifying Parts of a Window
Identifying Icons
Moving a Window
Maximizing, Restoring, and Minimizing a Window
Resizing Windows
Scrolling in a Window
Opening Multiple Windows
Switching between Windows
Using Menus and Dialog Boxes
Using Menu Commands
Identifying Dialog Box Elements
Using List Boxes
Help and Support and the Vista Theme
Help and Support
Opening Help
Browsing and Picking Help Topics
Using Search
Exiting Help and Support

Module 3:     Working with Programs

Using WordPad
Starting Windows Vista Programs
Creating a WordPad Document
Using Toolbars
Saving a New Document
Working with Text
Printing a Document
Closing and Exiting
Using Paint
Opening a Document
Using the Paint Tool Box
Using the Color Box
Switching between Programs
Sharing Information between Programs


Module 4:     Managing Files

Starting Explorer
Using the Windows Explorer
Changing Window View Options
Using the Toolbar
Note on Windows Toolbars
Arranging Icons and Lists
Creating a New Folder
Copying and Moving Files Using Windows Explorer
Viewing Drives and Folder Contents
Creating and Deleting Folders
Renaming Files and Folders
Copying and Moving Files Using Cut, Copy & Paste
Using Undo
Finding a File
Deleting Files
Recovering a file from the Recycle Bin
Emptying the Recycle Bin

Module 5:      Customising Windows VISTA

Customizing Windows Vista
Changing Windows Vista Settings
Selecting a Background
Using Screen Savers
Changing Appearances
Controlling the Mouse
Working with Shortcuts
Creating Shortcuts
Renaming Shortcuts
Deleting Shortcuts
Working with the Start Menu
Adding a Program to the Start Menu
Removing a Program from the Start Menu


Module 5:     Customizing Windows XP

Customizing Windows XP
Changing Windows XP Settings
Selecting a Background
Using Screen Savers
Changing Appearances
Controlling the Mouse
Working with Shortcuts
Working with the Start Menu
Adding a Program to the Start Menu

Download Level 1 Windows Vista Courseware Specification

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