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ASP Programming Fundamentals

Our Active Server Pages (ASP) Programming Courseware

The Courseware Shop offers the folling Active Server Pages (ASP) programming courseware:

ASP Programming Three Day Course


  • Use Active Server Pages to generate HTML.
  • Use VBScript constructs to write ASP scripts.
  • Interact with web users through HTML forms.
  • Use various ASP components like Request, Server, Session, Connection, RecordSet and Command objects.
  • Use session variables and cookies to store persistent information across user sessions.
  • Access and update database information from ASP scripts.
  • Use ActiveX controls to add dynamic behavior to a web site.

Aimed at

Students interested in using Active Server Pages to create dynamic web content on Microsoft web servers should take up this course.

Students familiar with scripting languages (like JScript and VBScript) and HTML will manage with this course with no difficulty. Students should also be familiar with Windows.

Experience Needed

Delegates should have a basic understanding of Internet Architecture, the client/server nature of the World Wide Web, and familiarity with HTML is essential.

 1.  ASP Fundamentals
Microsoft's Personal Web Server
Microsoft's Internet Information Server
First ASP

3.   Active Server Components
ASP Ad Rotator Components
ASP Browser Capabilities Components
Exercise 3:1: ASP Browser
Capabilities Components
ASP Content Rotator Components
Exercise 3:2: Content Rotator 
ASP Content Linking Components
Exercise 3:3: ASP Content Linking
Counter Components
Page Counter Components
Permission Checker Components
Tools Components










5.  ADO(ActiveX Database Object)

Accessing a Database from an ASP
Connection Object
Error Object
Command Object
Exercise:5:1 : Command Object
Parameter Object
Recordset Object
Field Object
Exercise:5:2: Display the Records
Exercise :5:3 : Display Selected Data


7. Exercises and Solutions
Exercise:7:1: ADO Add Records
Exercise:7:2: ADO Update Records
Exercise:7:3: ADO Delete Records
Exercise:7:4: Browser Type
Exercise:7:5: Content Linking
Exercise:7:6: Create Web Page
Exercise:7:7: Using VBScript
Exercise:7:8: RecordSet
Exercise:7:9: Cookies
Exercise:7:10: Feed Back Form

 2.   ASP Objects
Application Object
Server Object
Exercise 2:1:Server Object
ObjectContext Object
Session Object
Exercise 2:2: Session Object
Exercise 2:3: Cookies
Response Object
Exercise 2:4 : Response Object
Exercise 2: 5: QueryString
Request Object
Exercise 2:6: Request Object

4.  VBScript
Arithmetic Operators
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Controlling the flow
Decision Structures
Looping Structures
Exercise 4:1: If…Then…Else in
Exercise 4:2: Select Statement
Procedure Classes
Exercise 4:3: Procedure
Dialog Boxes
Message Boxes
Exercise :4:4: Message Boxes
Input Boxes
Exercise:4:5 : Input Boxes
Radio Button Control
Exercise :4:6: Radio Button Control
Check Box Control
Exercise : 4:7 : Check Box
Password Control
Exercise :4:8: Password Control
Exercise :4:9: Using VBScript
Exercise :4:10:Tracking Procedures

6.  Error Handling
Syntax Error
Run Time Errors
Logical Errors
ASP Error Codes
VBScript Error Handling
Using On Error Resume Next
Using On Error Goto 0
VBScript Err Object
The Microsoft Script Debugger Tool
Tips for Script Debugger
Exercise:6:1 : Trapping Runtime Errors

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